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Telegram let down its users

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This is just a post to rant about what telegram did to their users.

2 months back, telegram announced their premium subscription plan. It did look very enticing when Durov said, it would retain all the then existing features as free.

One such feature got pulled over to the premium plan, as of 19th August. They pulled the plugs on public channels which haven’t posted anything in a year or so. This was a major blow to many supergroups keeping their invite as private and having a standby channel to roll the links and post it. My username got snitched, and so many others who didn’t own premium had their reserved channels snitched.

While this is totally agreeable that it prevents username squatting, and selling off highly wanted usernames, the unprecedented removal without informing even the owners is a red-flag. This squatting is still allowed if you are paying for their service, and that seems just absurd.

It is totally right that they need monetization to keep their servers running, but now they are starting to forego their promises. I do hope, they don’t spiral down into shit, making me switch to another platform altogether :)