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Cutting down on short media

·2 mins

TikTok has changed the way world views video in the recent years. From full-length 30min videos to 30s short video, people want to entertain themselves with just an infinite scroll of videos.

The massive success of TikTok just brought in more like it, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and much more.

Due to the infinite scroll of media that is relevant to your liking, I often find myself losing track of time and spending hours mindlessly swiping through the videos. This takes a total hit on my productivity. The recommendation system is so good to keep you in the scroll with more and more fresh content if you keep scrolling for hours, even when you know you should be doing something else.

What might seem like an entertaining and relaxing thing could get you fired for least productivity.

Simple steps you can take to cut this down:

  • Uninstall Instagram app, the website works as equally good on mobile, and there are far less chances you will be hooking yourself to reels on it
  • Uninstall/Disable YouTube app, there is plently of alternative frontends on mobile (eg: NewPipe/LibreTube) to hold your basic YT needs.

I had been on a loop of spending a lot of hours on short media, and these are some small steps that did help me cut it down.