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About Me

I am Baalaji, a 22 year old,

  • Free Software enthusiast
  • DevOps Engineer at ScaleReal Technologies

You might know me from

  • The Android custom ROM community, including PixelExperience, ResurrectionRemix, etc.
  • The PaperPlane UserBot
  • A weeb/anime centric channel
  • …and possibly many more

Language #

My native language is Tamil. I am fluent in English and fairly understand Hindi.

Why the maestro? #

This tag of maestro got attached to my name when I was around 15 years old, and a certain forum had baalaji20 already taken away by someone. And the site suggested me with baalajimaestro. Little did I know, this choice will become an integral part of my online presence.

BTW, I use Arch.

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