I am Baalaji Balasubramani, a 20 year old, popularly known around the internet world as baalajimaestro.

I work on Telegram UserBot and other opensource projects found on my GitHub.

I dualboot ArchLinux alongside Windows 10 (only for games xd). For programming, I use Python 3.7 as my primary choice. I can also code in C, C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3. I am looking forward to learning Go and Rust. I use Bash Scripting to automate all tasks. Like even deploying this website.

I code all stuff with Atom. I love its UI more than the Microsoft-ish look of VSCode I love to work with Docker and Kubernetes clusters. I have created a few Docker Images for my own personal use. Github is the only place for all my code. All my commits on github would be signed with the key provided on the home page. (Unless its tagged as MaestroCI).

I am a person who feels music is a drug. Feel free to suggest me some nice music if you have some.

It’s hard to see me without writing or thinking about code, even if you happen to do so, I would have been sleeping or gaming!

If you find some­one with the user­name baalajimaestro on any platform, you can be mostly sure its me